Thanks to your generous support Erin’s Hope can do even more.

The Erin’s Hope Foundation would like to thank the many generous donors who gave in honor of Keith Swezey’s memory. Erin’s Hope exists in large part because of Keith’s determined effort that our family would continue to share Erin’s message to the world. We pray that the work he began through the Erin’s Hope foundation will continue to glorify the name of Jesus and serve to honor the memory of both Erin and Keith.  

Since it began, the foundation has awarded over 60 scholarships, supported new church plants in North America and missionaries and literacy programs around the world. Thanks to the many generous donations made in honor of Keith, Erin’s Hope is been able to fund an additional scholarship for the 2019 fall semester. We are happy to announce the following recipients of these scholarships. 

Congratulations to: 

  • Talor Boone  

  • Katie Evans 

  • Andrea Short

  • Alexia Avila 

Our prayer is these scholarships will enhance the education and edification of these students and that the Lord will bear much spiritual fruit in their lives. 

Your kindness and support means more than words can possibly express and we are deeply grateful.  

Dixie Swezey and the Swezey family 

Erin’s Message to the World:

“Sharing my peace my creator my sustainer so that everyone may know the happiness that comes from a life lived under Christ.”