Erin's Hope Foundation currently gives four scholarships through the Quail Springs Baptist Church scholarship program and through the Oklahoma State University chapter of Sigma Phi Lambda.



EHF President Keith Swezey and his wife Dixie established the scholarship program because they wanted to help college students who, like Erin, believed strongly in mission work to spread the gospel. The lifestyles of the scholarship recipients epitomize the spirit of Erin's "message to the world" which was journaled by her a week before her death.

The Erin’s Hope Foundation (EHF) announced two recipients of the Sigma Phi Lambda Erin Elizabeth Swezey scholarship in Fall 2014. They both were selected by a committee made up of Phi Lamb's national, regional and OSU members.

Scholarship recipients for the 2014 - 2015 school year were Hannah Frazier of Hughson, CA, and Madison Smith of Fayetteville, AR, both active Phi Lamb members at OSU.

EHF began the scholarship program privately for Phi Lamb members four years ago and is continuing it through Phi Lamb's OSU chapter. Sigma Phi Lambda states in their message of purpose that they are "a sorority whose purpose is to glorify God while giving college women an outlet of Christian fellowship." A spring concert, Amplify, is held each year by the sorority on the OSU to honor Erin's legacy and let people know about the hope that lives on through God. Each school year two OSU Phi Lamb members will receive a scholarship to OSU.

Erin's Hope Foundation also gives two scholarships through the Quail Springs Baptist Church scholarship program. Recipients must be members at Quail Springs and active in working in the children's ministry at the church, as Erin was. The scholarship recipients for Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 from Quail Springs Baptist Church were Leslie Pugh and Kendall McWilliams, both students at the University of Central Oklahoma.

Erin's story and more about the sorority is also on Sigma Phi Lambda's website.